Opening Hours Over Christmas

Here are the opening hours over Christmas & New Year:

Mon 22nd Dec – 10.30am-5pm

Tue 23rd Dec – 10.30am-5pm

Wed 24th Dec – 10.30am-2pm

Thu 25th Dec – CLOSED

Fri 26th Dec – CLOSED

Sat 27th Dec – CLOSED

Sun 28th Dec – CLOSED

Mon 29th Dec – 10.30am-2pm

Tue 30th Dec – 10.30am-2pm

Wed 31st Dec – 10.30am-2pm

Thu 1st Jan – CLOSED

Fri 2nd Jan – CLOSED

Sat 3rd Jan – CLOSED

Sun 4th Jan – CLOSED

Mon 5th Jan – 10.30am-5pm

Merry Christmas!

Easter Opening Times

Here are the opening times over Easter:

Good Friday – Open 12-4

Saturday – Open 12-4

Easter Sunday – CLOSED

Easter Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday – Open as normal

Christmas Opening Times

Here are the opening times over Christmas and New Year:

Saturday 21st – Open 10am-2pm

Sunday 22nd – CLOSED

Monday 23rd – CLOSED

Tuesday 24th – CLOSED

Wednesday 25th – CLOSED

Thursday 26th – CLOSED

Friday 27th – Open 10am-2pm

Saturday 28th – Open 10am-2pm

Sunday 29th – CLOSED

Monday 30th – Open 10am-2pm

Tuesday 31st – CLOSED

Wednesday 1st – CLOSED

Thursday 2nd – Open as normal

Happy Christmas! :)

Online Shop

Just a quick reminder that the online shop is now located at

Just in case you’re wondering where it’s gone 😉

Easter Opening Times

Hi all here are the opening times over Easter:

Thursday 28th: Open 10-5.30
Friday 29th: Open 12-4
Saturday 30th: Open 10-5.30
Sunday 31st: Closed
Monday 1st: Open 12-4
Tuesday 2nd: Open 10-5.30

Christmas Opening Times

Hi all here are the Christmas opening times:

Saturday 22nd: Open 10-6
Sunday 23rd: Closed
Monday 24th: Closed
Tuesday 25th: Closed
Wednesday 26th: Closed
Thursday 27th: Open 12-4
Friday 28th: Open 12-4
Saturday 29th: Open 12-4
Sunday 30th: Closed
Monday 31st: Closed
Tuesday 1st: Closed
Wednesday 2nd: Open 10-6

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!